Shaping Israel’s next generation of leaders
in cooperation with the state of Israel.

The Ariel National Center for Leadership Development (ANCLD) is an outdoor adventure driven environment located in Ariel, Israel. ANCLD combines the experiential learning atmosphere with content focused on Israel’s heritage to effectively shape Israel’s leaders of tomorrow.


Founder and Director of JH Israel

Founder and Director of JH Israel

JH Israel is dedicated to building
a strong U.S. Israel relationship.

In this spirit of cooperation, we are working with various government and municipal entities in Israel to participate in shaping Israel’s next generation of leaders. JH Israel collaborated with the City of Ariel, Israel to build The Ariel National Center for Leadership Development (ANCLD) which provides leadership training based on personal experience. The physical challenges inside the leadership center, alongside focused reflection on Israel’s biblical, cultural leaders, opens a pathway for clarifying values, growing personal skills, developing leadership initiatives.

After 18 years of involvement, we understand the Jewish-Christian relationship to be an important dynamic for the building of modern Israel.  Our staff and partners see this unique friendship as a way of understanding G-d and each other better.  Look for information on our website explaining the spirit and values that are central to this vision as well as how you can partner with us.


The Ariel National Center for Leadership Development, developed jointly by the City of Ariel and JH Israel, is a wonderful example of the longstanding spirit of cooperation between Israel and the United States of America. I have personally visited this experiential learning site and wholeheartedly endorse their visionary educational path which combines excellent leadership development with the biblical and cultural heritage of Israel. I anticipate its impact on our next generations of leaders.

Danny Ayalon, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs  (2009-2013)


Ariel is the Capital of Samaria, located near the site of the ancient city of Joshua. The city’s geopolitical location holds the world’s attention with direct impacts on Israeli  policy. The city’s investment into education, security, and the nation’s economic growth make the city an invaluable resource for the country.

Ariel’s biblical roots and spiritual foundations stem back to Israel’s most prominent pioneers who lived in and around the city ‘s borders. Abraham began his divinely inspired journey to the Land of Israel in the Samarian hills, where he set up his famous tent of hospitality. Joshua, who led the Jews into the Land of Israel following the exodus from Egypt, inherited this land, also known as “the hills of Ephraim”. He, his father, and his pioneering friend, Caleb, are buried opposite the foot of modern day Ariel.


Leaders who take time for thoughtful education can become revolutionary in the most real sense. By testing what they see, hear, and touch for its authenticity, they are able to change the course of history and lead people to creative action that will make a better world.




JH Israel is responding to the call of a great awakening of gentiles to honor and pray for their Jewish brothers.  We invite you to be a part of this movement by contacting our Prayer Administrator, Pam Jarvis, by email at: pam@jhranchisrael.com



In the Book of Judges we find that God used Gideon’s faithful army of 300 to achieve a remarkable victory. Gideon’s 300 is JH Israel’s loyal band of supporters who donate on a monthly or yearly basis to JH Israel on belalf of the national leadership vision in Ariel, Israel.



Among the resources JH Israel offers to its partners, there is none more educational than going on pilgrimage with us to meet our friends in Ariel’s community and take a world-class tour of Israel. Our trips are tremendously challenging and fun.