The NLC is in high gear, preparing for the first intake of students through the new agreement with the Ministry of Education!

Last week, the Ministry of Education brought its first group to the National Leadership Center since the new agreement was put in place—representatives of the National Students and Youth Council—to spend a day of experiential learning at the NLC in Ariel. Afterward, the head of the council expressed her appreciation with this feedback:

The youth had a powerful experience that included challenging tasks and a time to process their experience, from which they extracted many insights into their personalities and the strength of the group. This day contributed greatly to their sense of cohesion and strengthened each participant’s sense of personal competence. We received a professional and excellent training team, Gal and Roy, who guided, supported, analyzed, and were there to cheer and strengthen the youth. The feedback from these youth was enthusiastic and it was clear that they were enriched and acquired tools and insights for their role as youth representatives. They also learned about their power as a cohesive, supportive and trusting group. I wish us a continuous cooperation in training youth and educators in the unique facility in Ariel. Ms. Yael KottonHead of National Youth Leadership, Student and Youth CouncilsMinistry of Education

With our new relationship with the Ministry of Education taking effect, we are seeing at a new level the fulfillment of JH Israel’s vision to shape Israel’s next generation of leaders. Thank you for helping make this vision a reality through your support. Sincerely, The JH Israel Team