Its great to hear leaders and trainers talk about the National Leadership Center. But has it really made a difference for the students who attend?

Meet Ariel Sofer – his life was changed through the NLC.

Ariel is a high school senior in Ariel, Israel. His first experience with the National Leadership Center was when he was in 6th grade, but he’s been there many times since. Here, in his own words, he describes the impact the NLC has had on his life:

“I’ve learned how to work with a team, which was kind of difficult for me in the past. I went on the Odyssey and they blindfolded me, and people needed to guide me and tell me, ‘You have to put your leg here and your hand here.’ It showed me I can trust people and work with them—what one person can’t do, two people can.”

“When I was up on the Leap of Faith it was the most meaningful course I did. I was so scared… I was standing up there and how was I was supposed to jump over there and reach the bar? And I said, ‘Ok I trust you God. It’s all up to you. I’m jumping and if I make it, I know it’s because you made me, and if I miss it, it’s because you made me.’ And it really made me think about God even though there were only a few seconds to think. It felt like forever! I thought about it after and I felt God was with me when I jumped and when I did catch it the first time and all the excitement I had.”

“I recommend every student of every school come here… It’s a must experience for every student.”

Thank you for helping shape students like Ariel to be Israel’s leaders of tomorrow!

— The JH Israel Leadership Team

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