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Chris Mitchell of CBN Visits the National Leadership Center

A timely educational initiative

The need for strong values and moral character in leadership has never been more evident. Through the National Leadership Center, JH Israel collaborates directly with Israeli leaders to develop a biblical, values-based educational initiative to meet this need.

There are five ways we deliver this initiative….

1. A Leadership Journey with Biblical Content

Using biblical leaders as a model, the content in Take 5: Becoming a Leader not only connects youth with their past, it makes the spiritual qualities these leaders demonstrated personally relevant for participants today.

In my visit to the National Leadership Center in Ariel, I discovered a dynamic place, working to prepare a new generation of leaders for Israel. The Center raises questions that set the stage for personal growth and opportunities in an ever-changing and challenging environment.

— Naftali Bennett

Minister of Education

2. An Extraordinary Environment

JH Israel offers a premiere experiential leadership facility in Ariel, Israel, that provides a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. The outdoor adventure-driven environment combines an experiential learning atmosphere with content focused on Israel’s biblical heritage to effectively shape Israel’s leaders of tomorrow.

3. A team of well-equipped trainers

Trainers are equipped to take guests through the outdoor adventure-driven environment and to interact personally with them using our Take 5: Becoming A Leader curriculum. Development of personal relationships in an encouraging environment establishes an excellent learning context for emerging leaders.

4. A unique
educational experience

Combining physical challenges and the unique Take 5: Becoming A Leader reflective content helps participants to develop values, leadership initiative, and interdependent relationships.

5. Telling Israel’s story

Through the National Leadership Center, JH Israel has stepped into the unfolding history of modern Israel by contributing to the larger story of what God is doing in Israel. More than 65,000 participants have attended a program at the Leadership Center in Ariel since Grand Opening in 2010, including Israel’s Defense Forces, public schools, and Israel’s youth movements.

While young people are climbing on the adventure courses at the ANCLD and are relying on their teammates to get to the final destination, they learn about who they are, their strengths as well as their fears.

They learn to problem-solve and to work together. The combination of the practical exercises with a reflection on the leaders of Israel’s history empower them and give them a vision for what they want to become. The Ministry of Education of Israel supports the ANCLD educational vision of leadership and believes that the activities and curriculum it offers can contribute significantly to the development of leadership skills among Israeli youth and society.

— Talia Neeman, Director of Programs

Curriculum and Training, Ministry of Education



JH Israel is responding to a great awakening of gentiles to honor and pray for their Jewish brothers and sisters. We invite you to partner with us by contacting our Prayer General, Jon Potter, by email at:


In the book of Judges we find God used Gideon’s army of 300 to achieve a remarkable victory. Gideon’s 300 is JH Israel’s loyal band of supporters who donate on a monthly / yearly basis to JH Israel on behalf of the national leadership vision in Ariel, Israel.


If you are planning a trip to Israel, arrange a visit to the National Leadership Center. Meet our friends in Ariel’s community and discover how you can get involved. A day at the NLC will be informative, challenging and fun.