The vision of JH Israel is to shape Israel’s next generation of leaders.

Through the National Leadership Center, JH Israel has established a creative partnership with the City of Ariel and the Israeli Ministry of Education. The growing collaboration is gaining momentum throughout the country and brings together youth of all ages and backgrounds to learn and grow together.

In 1997, Bruce and Heather Johnston met Ron Nachman, Mayor of the City of Ariel, capital of Samaria, located near the ancient city of Joshua in Israel. Beginning with a cultural exchange where the youth of Ariel began attending JH Ranch’s leadership program in the United States, this key friendship developed into a creative partnership with a view to strengthening Israel.

As the exchange program between U.S. teens and Israelis proved fruitful and transformational, Mayor Nachman allotted land within the City of Ariel to develop an experiential outdoor learning facility. As things progressed, a partnership formed between JH Israel and Israel’s Ministry of Education to develop a values-based leadership curriculum that focuses on Israel’s biblical/cultural heritage.

Heather Johnston
Founder and Director of JH Israel

The Leadership Center, developed jointly by the City of Ariel and JH Israel, is a wonderful example of the long-standing spirit of cooperation between Israel and the United States of America. I have personally visited this experiential learning site and wholeheartedly endorse their visionary educational path that combines excellent leadership development with the biblical and cultural heritage of Israel.  I anticipate its impact on our next generations of leaders.

— Danny Ayalon

Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


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