Share In The Vision

Is God calling you to bless Israel and its next generation of leaders?  If so, consider becoming a partner with us.

God told Gideon (in Judges 7) to organize an army of loyal supporters to fight for Israel. When it came time to advance, He whittled Gideon’s forces down to 300 to accomplish His goal: “With the three hundred men I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands”.

We are seeking 300 or more individuals, families, churches, and organizations to partner with us at a donation level of $100 a month ($1200 annually) or more and become our “Gideons” at JH Israel. However, every donation is significant.

If you are in Canada, The Great Commission Foundation can facilitate tax deductible gifts to JH Israel. Please write “Project: JH ISRAEL-096-02” on your check when donating to us through The Great Commission Foundation.