Challenge Courses Overview

Profile of a Leader – The Transition from Moses to Joshua

Structure: Team Development Course (TDC)
Character Profile: Moses
Main Principles: Leadership & Mentorship

Participants begin this experience by evaluating the different leadership styles of Moses and Joshua. They then step into the leadership arena as their team is placed into the obstacles of the wilderness with the objective of getting everyone through safely while carrying the Ark of the Covenant. During this challenge there will be a crucial transition of leadership that will test the team’s teachability and their ability to empower.

Leap of Faith – The Story of David and Goliath

Structure: 757 Leap of Faith
Character Profile: David
Main Principles: Facing Fears & the Substance of Confidence

Participants are challenged to climb a 50 foot pole and jump 7 feet out and 7 feet up in effort to catch a hanging trapeze. This intimidating challenge is likened to the “towering” presence of Goliath as participants are given the chance to take initiative in facing their fears. Facilitator’s use leading questions to reveal that it was the promises of God that gave David the confidence to face Goliath.

From the Pit to the Palace – The Story of Joseph

Structure: Alpine Tower
Character Profile: Joseph
Main Principles: Your Choices Matter & the Power of Hope

This event has over 52 different ways to summit the Tower. The choices a climber is faced with on their ascent will be likened to the many choices one makes on a daily basis and that their choices matter. Each time a participant summits the Alpine tower there is a puzzle piece for them to descend with.  Assembling all the climbers’ pieces together will bring participants to Joseph’s realization that God is able to bring all things together for good.

“Lech Lecha” – Journey to the Promised Land

Structure: Odyssey
Character Profile: Abraham
Main Principles: Progress Involves Stepping into the Unknown

This event invites participants to join Abraham’s caravan to the Promised Land by taking steps together into the unknown. An eight member team will cross this High Ropes course with it’s various challenges together while exploring principles of faith and belonging.

Being Strong and Courageous – The Story of Joshua

Structure: Climbing Tower
Character Profile: Joshua
Main Principle: Courage and Strength Come from Knowing Who Upholds My Life

Participants will be placed into the shoes of Joshua & the Israelites facing the fortified cities in the Promised Land. As they conquer the wall by placing its footholds under their feet they will be reminded of God’s promise, “Everywhere your foot treads, I have given you.”  The trainer will debrief the experience by helping participants see that their lives are “on belay” & that being aware of that fact can give them the courage to attempt great things.


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