The long awaited agreement between the National Leadership Center and Israel’s Ministry of Education came into effect February 1, 2018. What exactly does the agreement mean for the NLC? It’s fair to say this is the most significant step in the history of JH Israel. Here are five key things this deal means:

(1.) 4,000 more students will attend the NLC in 2018 and more will come annually in future years.

(2.) The NLC, together with the Ministry of Education, is writing curriculum for two sessions before and after the student experience at the NLC. These sessions, led by teachers in their classrooms, build on the NLC’s “Take 5” content.

(3.) Increased capacity of the new facilities will be fully utilized. The NLC team, which has doubled over the last year, will begin training 51 new groups in early March.

(4.) New metrics will be implemented using pre and post surveys of students to assess impact of the program and help educators use it effectively. Dr. Wayne Hammond, a leading educational researcher, will conduct the survey and analysis, and provide reports.

(5.) The NLC becomes a recognized provider of leadership content for Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Thank you for your support of this unique opportunity.

Best Regards,
The JH Israel Team